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Saratoga County Man not impressed with Hudson area Long John Silvers

Demy's combo platter

(Barely Food) – Hudson, NY

Tuesday March 23, 2010

John Demy of Saratoga Springs figured he would give national food retailer Long John Silver’s a try late Monday afternoon on his way home from his shift at Bargain Outlet.

I’ve heard so much about Long John’s from my friend Tim and he said the chicken planks were tasty, so I thought what the hell.

Demy ordered the a fish and chicken combo basket, large Diet coke and with a side of lobster bites.

It was so-so,” Demy told Barely Food from his Saratoga apartment. It’s not as nice as the Burger King I go to on Toll road. This place had some good lobster bites, but I felt it wasn’t as tasty as the King.

Demy’s ¬†dissatisfaction also extended to the layout of the Long John Silver’s. Accustomed to the Toll road Burger King dining area with vaulted ceiling, sturdy booths, and a fully stocked napkin, condiment, and straw counter, Demy was dismayed by the food court’s long lines and ill-defined, drafty space. Forced to walk far from the Nutritional kiosk to the other side of the packed dining area, he said he was displeased by the narrow width of his table and found his chair to be rickety and unstable.

We are not sure whether or not Demy will visit the Long John Silver’s location again, but he is confident that he might be tasty for those lobster bites again.

They were fuckin’ good, that’s all.