Is this my favorite video of all time? Why indeed it is!


Can I get a caption?

Onondaga County and Syracuse Chiefs are BFF’s

Lets see how this works………..

  • The county said the Chiefs owed taxpayers $496,479.
  • The Chiefs said taxpayers owed them $860,827.

Okay, I realize in our crazy tax system, write-offs and the ability for Big Money to fall “behind the lines”, but how does the process get to this point.

“I can tell you, we’re not paying them $800,000, and they’re not paying us $500,000,” County Executive Mahoney said. “It’s somewhere in the middle.”

Ahh, ok I get it. A struggling Triple AAA baseball affiliate to our only Canadian baseball franchise, that has a decreasing bottom line can pull the, “can’t we just work something out here” line? I mean, we put in a grass field for Goodness sake!” So before the game at Alliance Bank Stadium started, Mahoney stated she and Chiefs officials signed a letter of intent that will turn into a memorandum of understanding Friday. The memorandum is a formal agreement that will settle the past money issues and explain how the Chiefs and county will do business in the future, Mahoney said.

The Syracuse Chiefs are the Bear Sterns of Minor league baseball……….Now, time for the most beautiful picture I have ever seen!

Girls pee-pee when they see me……and I pee pee when they see me

He heard Monk was coming to NBC

James Dundy of East Syracuse couldn’t believe it when he found out that Kris Joseph was coming to play Basketball at Syracuse University. “I don’t know who he is, but freakin shit I am glad he is coming, fuck yeah!” Dundy who is in his third year at Onondaga Community college was happy to hear some good news after the Orange had a disappointing ending to the 07-08 campaign.

The idiots gave some good information on the leaper from Montreal, and apparently his videos on youtube are rocking the rim like Shaq-fu. He has been compared to Hakim Warrick, and is supposed to be versatile, like my Lee comfort fit jeans. “I want someone who jumps the fuck out of the Dome like Hak did. None of this Josh Pace shit anymore, I know he won a national championship, but I want some dudes who have hops like my 40 ounce.”

In another, more random note check out Baseball with lightsabers….

Red Sux fans put the ASS in CLASS…

Today, as I listened to the incoherent Yankee-hating rant left by my boss on company voice mail, I cannot say that I was surprised. The inferiority complex that reeks through every word from a Red Sux fan, having been built up over decades of losing, only compares to the penis envy felt by a post-op tranny after realizing he/she made a really bad mistake. Since Boston has achieved a modicum of success, listening to a Red Sux fan wax poetic about the sport of baseball is like being lectured about making money by a trailer park resident who won the lottery. I would offer some advice to this group, but it would just be forgotten when they wake up from their daily alcoholic black out… -Lou Score

The Drunkest of the Drunk…..The top 20 drunkest athletes of All Time

Screech was captain of his Coed Softball team

CO-ED magazine put together the Top 20 Drunkest Athletes of All Time. A few of the favorites are on there, including John Daly, Eli Manning, Joe Namath and a few that may surprise a few of you. The pictures are absolutely incredible, and as soon as you think someone is noble and decent, they are caught with a box of wine under their shoulder, a cigar and two whores riding shotgun.


The Day after Hump day is a good day….Some random crap

Ladies, we are very humpable!

  • Local ski resort manager steals electricity, good for him………
  • UMASS football players having risque fun in student libraries…..With Leather
  • The Leo Rautins drinking game, it’s the new Roxanne!…..Cuzoogle