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Year of the Purple Pirate……My other team

As a long time, die hard Syracuse University fan which I hold 90% of my allegiances , I am a graduate of East Carolina so I do pay close attention to the Purple and Gold, that is East Carolina University. We are also know as the bastard stepchild in the North Carolina college system since we are competing with the likes of UNC, DUKE, WAKE FOREST and NC STATE. Contests against seven bowl qualifiers, including a home match up against Fiesta Bowl winner West Virginia, and battles against Atlantic Coast Conference members North Carolina State, Virginia Tech and Virginia, all highlight East Carolina’s complete 2008 football schedule released Tuesday by Conference USA.

After the Pirates open the campaign on Aug. 30 by continuing its 13-game series with Virginia Tech at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium, the Mountaineers will make their second visit in three years to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium on Sept. 6. ECU will face off against North Carolina State for the third consecutive season on Sept. 20 before the Pirates head to Charlottesville for the first time since 1975 when they meet Virginia on Oct. 11, 2008.
The match up against the Hokies, who wrapped up the 2007 season with a No. 9 national rank and an appearance in the Orange Bowl, will be East Carolina’s fourth all-time contest in Charlotte dating back to 1996. ECU and West Virginia, which closed out the ’07 season with a No. 6 rank after a 48-28 victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, will clash for the 20th time in history a week later in a battle which will also represent the Pirates’ home opener. In addition, both games are scheduled to be aired in front of a national television audience on either ESPN or ESPN2

We are looking for a great 2008 this year, but have a tough schedule ahead of us. After Opening up against a Virginia Tech in Charlotte, we host West Virginia, a team that many people are routing for after the difficult departure of Rich Rodriguez to Michigan.

Aug. 30 – Virginia Tech @Charlotte (ESPN/ESPN2)

Sept. 13 – *at Tulane
Sept. 20 – at N.C. State
Sept. 27 – *HOUSTON
Oct. 11 – at Virginia
Oct. 18 – *MEMPHIS
Nov. 2 – *at UCF (ESPN/ESPN2)
Nov. 8 – *MARSHALL
Nov. 15 – *at Southern Miss
Nov. 22 – *at UABNov. 29 – *UTEP
Dec. 6 – C-USA Championship Game @highest-seed campus site (ESPN/ESPN2)

Oh, on the non-related tip.. Here is our own Lou Score with this hot danzel!


Chancellor Cantor: "We will have more hot chicks at Syracuse University. You can count on that."

In a surprise address to the Syracuse student body after the release of the Hottest Student Bodies: The 50 Best Colleges based on looks, Chancellor Nancy Cantor addressed the issue of a decline in hotness of incoming Syracuse University freshmen. Syracuse has missed the list the past ten years, and has been in decline of the “Crazy hot college coed,” that young men and even women expect during their college years. The Chancellor stated her concern with this by stating,

“I truly believe our University can recruit these hot young women to come to
our college here in Central New York. We realized our issue of being more
selective academically and our increase in tuition has had an impact of our
young women and the physical appearance of these coeds. To be competitive with
the Arizona State’s and Florida State’s of the world, we have to make our
University attractive.”

A few things Cantor mentioned in the speech as potential ideas:

  1. Offer free tanning to incoming freshmen
  2. Sex in the City-Series Box set
  3. Hair By Industry

We have found two photo submissions from Syracuse for the Poll:

Hey guys, want to go to Bob Evans?

Who is ready for Spring Break?

We are routing for the Orange ladies, but we need to work on a few things. Get rid of the mom pants, flannel shirts and baggy sweatpants. They don’t do that crap out in Cali or down in Alabama. Well, we will enjoy our upstate ladies and we realize not one New York school made the list, and my Alma mater(East Carolina University) got an honorable mention. Go Pirates!

We also realize schools like USC doesn’t have Dinosaur Barbecue or kick ass Upstate New York Wings. Also a shout out goes for our New York State ladies at Suny Delhi, Potsdam and Suny Canton. You girls are some tough ladies that can handle the chores.

And the winner is…………..God bless State Schools!

White dude accidently attends Latino Town Hall meeting in Syracuse

40 attend Latino town hall meeting

Posted by Luke Cicora April 27, 2008 11:10PM

Syracuse, NY.—-Housing, education, bi-lingual and youth programs were among some of the topics discussed Thursday night at the second annual Latino town hall meeting. About 40 people attended the meeting at St. Lucy’s Church on Syracuse’s Near West Side. A random white guy attended the meeting, wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket and black jean shorts. After a few minutes he left screaming,

“If you don’t like America, you can get the $%^$ out!”

The CNY Latino newspaper organized the event to gave agencies serving the Latino community a chance to inform the public about their programs and field questions from residents. Apparently nobody at the meeting was there for Fantasy Nascar night. This random white fellow apparently thought it was his weekly meeting for his Fantasy Nascar league.

The agencies represented at the meeting included the Westside Learning Center; Spanish Action League; Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement(ANCLA); The Latino radio station, Nosotros; and Syracuse Area Latinos United Against Disparities Inc. or SALUD and not Fantasy Nascar.

Best Sport Montages of All Time-Number 9…….Hot Dog The Movie

There is nothing I loved more than an 80’s Ski Movie. Shenanigans to the fullest, pranks, rich snobs, hot blonde’s and reckless abandon on the mountain. Hot Dog the Movie is one of the 80’s classics, because as growing up as a young kid, risque shots of drunken ski bunnies drunk out of their mind skiing topless down a Chinese downhill.

Here is Number 9- Hot Dog The Movie(1984)

Naive corn-pone skiing wunderkind picks up beautiful hitchhiking bimbo on way to ski competition. Once at the ski competition he is taunted in the daytime and laid at night, by different people. Four letter words, stupid ethnic stereotypes (the Asian skiers dancing looks like martial arts, of course) and skinny naked women with badly dated hairstyles abound. Not worth seeing except on cable — the nudity is the big selling point and if you’re not embarrassed to rent a movie with this title, you might as well go a little further and rent something honestly labeled as smut, instead of off-and-on nudity masquerading as “comedy.” Also features current Gene Simmons wife and 1984 playmate of the year, Shannon Tweed.

Tomorrow, number 8….Karate Kid II

BallHype – Best Sport Montages of All Time-Number 9…….Hot Dog The Movie

The biggest and illest……… Big East dominance!

22% of the remaining field are from the Big East

Western Kentucky’s Ty Rogers had his “from this moment” moment, by draining a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to beat the surprise team of the season in Drake in a bad ass overtime game that eventually set the tone of the day. Villanova was able to catch up to the first half beating they took from Clemson, and finally take advantage of their muscle down low and squeek out a win to give the Big East conference 8 teams, 7 teams into the second round. (Sorry UCONN…)

A few thoughts from the first round….

• Duke’s Gerald Henderson cutting the gut of the Belmont defense for a game-winning layup with 11.9 seconds left to lift No. 2 Duke to a 71-70 victory over No. 15 Belmont on Thursday night in D.C. (Maybe I wanted Duke to lose more than an NIT victory for Syracuse, sue me!)

• De’Jon Jackson’s jumper with 1.2 seconds left to lead San Diego over Connecticut. A guy almost fell of the treadmill next to me watching that.

Maybe Syracuse could have done better……
Last few at-large teams all lost!
• No. 11 Baylor lost by 11 to No. 6 Purdue.
• No. 10 Saint Mary’s lost by 14 to No. 7 Miami.
• No. 10 South Alabama lost by 20 to No. 7 Butler.
• No. 10 Arizona, No. 11 Kentucky, No. 11 Saint Joseph’s, No. 9 Oregon all lost

Are you 3 links from hardcore Porn? Sports Radio 620 is!….Remind me to have my niece check you guys out

Are you 3 clicks?

It might be a new drinking game? Just browsing the website over there at sportsradio620 and BAM, three clicks and I am viewing a shag….So, I thought to myself, are we 3 clicks from hardcore porn, and YES we were….

Whoops, remind me not to tell my grandmother, or pastor to check out the thesportshump anytime soon!

I should send this to Kevin Bacon, time for a new game!


Mutombo: "Houston is better than Congo!"…..and Rockets win 22nd straight

Houston Rockets’ Dikembe Mutombo, of Congo, celebrates the Rockets’ 22nd consecutive win after beating the Los Angeles Lakers in a basketball game Sunday.

Dikembe Mutombo, the NBA basketball player that sounds like Lou Ferrigno with a mouth full of cookies recently stated that “Houston is better than Congo.” I personally have not been to the Sandals Resort in Congo, but did see the movie with the talking gorilla, “Hi, my name is Amy!” That didn’t paint the brightest picture for me planning upcoming worldly jaunts

I figured Houston might be a tid bit better than Congo, and I am glad Dikembe enjoys our Country and maybe we could see him in an upcoming Lee Greenwood video?

Here are a few reasons why Houston might be a little better than Congo…………

On June 5, President Lissouba’s government forces surrounded Sassou’s compound in Brazzaville and Sassou ordered members of his private militia (known as “Cobras”) to resist. Thus began a four-month conflict that destroyed or damaged much of Brazzaville and caused tens of thousands of civilian deaths.

Houston has 10 Hooters Restaurants!

The current administration presides over an uneasy internal peace and faces difficult economic problems of stimulating recovery and reducing poverty, despite record-high oil prices since 2003. Natural gas and diamonds are also recent major Congolese exports, although Congo was excluded from the Kimberley Process in 2004 amid allegations that most of its diamond exports were in fact being smuggled out of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Warren Moon still lives in Houston!

In April 2003 over 2,000 rebel Ninja soldiers had surrendered with their weapons in Congo’s Pool region. this followed a peace agreement reached on 17 March 2003 between the government and Ninja leader, Rev. Frederic Bitsangou (Pastor Ntoumi). The disarmed Ninjas, who had been guaranteed amnesty by the government, were awaiting either integration into the military or assistance in returning to civilian life. Conflict erupted in Pool between government forces and Ninja rebels loyal to Ntoumi in late March 2002. An additional 600 Ninja rebels were reported to have surrendered in May 2003. The Republic of Congo is within reach of a durable peace.

Houston has no ninjas… If they did, Walker Texas Ranger would kick their Ass!

and they don’t have Champ car series girls…I think?