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Prostitutes, Sadomasochism and Nazi style role playing orgies….Like who hasn’t right?

International Automobile Federation president Max Mosley-Sexy Hitler

(Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters)


Were it not for his family history, the British media might eventually have dismissed the Nazi-themed sex romp of international motor-racing chief Max Mosley as just another instance of British upper-class bad taste. (Even Prince Harry, remember, showed up at a costume party three years ago in a military uniform with a swastika armband.) But Mosley, the urbane president of the body that governs Formula One racing, is under increasing pressure to resign following revelations of a sex scandal involving prostitutes, sadomasochism and alleged Nazi-style role-play. That pressure may reflect the brand concerns of mass-market automakers involved in Grand Prix racing, but the fact that Mosley’s parents were high-profile Hitler fans may have intensified the media clamor.

“Needs more of ze punishment.”

Last Sunday the British tabloid News of the World posted video footage on its website of Mosley and five prostitutes in what it frothily described as “a depraved Nazi-style orgy in a torture dungeon.” In the secretly filmed video, the paper reports, Mosley “barks orders in German as he whips two hookers dressed in striped uniforms reminiscent of Auschwitz garb while girls in Nazi uniforms look on.”

The video, which has been removed from the newspaper’s web site, also captures a prostitute commanding Mosley to strip before she inspects his head and genitals for lice, which the paper suggest was “mocking the humiliating ways Jews were treated by SS death camp guards in World War II.” Placed in chains, Mosley leans over a torture bench and whimpers as a dominatrix strikes him with a rod, saying “You’re going to be shown how we treat prisoners in our facility.” Later, when Mosley takes hold of a whip, he states that a blonde inmate “needs more of ze punishment.”

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The one thing about this story that intrigues me is that his parents were
Adamant supporters of the Hitler Movement.
You would never see our NASCAR guys involved with a stunt like this, mimicking our slave days of old. Can’t you just picture an old German guy being like, “Now grab Ze whip and command your little servant girl to fetch me thie Lube.”

Maybe I will watch Nascar now?


Year of the Purple Pirate……My other team

As a long time, die hard Syracuse University fan which I hold 90% of my allegiances , I am a graduate of East Carolina so I do pay close attention to the Purple and Gold, that is East Carolina University. We are also know as the bastard stepchild in the North Carolina college system since we are competing with the likes of UNC, DUKE, WAKE FOREST and NC STATE. Contests against seven bowl qualifiers, including a home match up against Fiesta Bowl winner West Virginia, and battles against Atlantic Coast Conference members North Carolina State, Virginia Tech and Virginia, all highlight East Carolina’s complete 2008 football schedule released Tuesday by Conference USA.

After the Pirates open the campaign on Aug. 30 by continuing its 13-game series with Virginia Tech at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium, the Mountaineers will make their second visit in three years to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium on Sept. 6. ECU will face off against North Carolina State for the third consecutive season on Sept. 20 before the Pirates head to Charlottesville for the first time since 1975 when they meet Virginia on Oct. 11, 2008.
The match up against the Hokies, who wrapped up the 2007 season with a No. 9 national rank and an appearance in the Orange Bowl, will be East Carolina’s fourth all-time contest in Charlotte dating back to 1996. ECU and West Virginia, which closed out the ’07 season with a No. 6 rank after a 48-28 victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, will clash for the 20th time in history a week later in a battle which will also represent the Pirates’ home opener. In addition, both games are scheduled to be aired in front of a national television audience on either ESPN or ESPN2

We are looking for a great 2008 this year, but have a tough schedule ahead of us. After Opening up against a Virginia Tech in Charlotte, we host West Virginia, a team that many people are routing for after the difficult departure of Rich Rodriguez to Michigan.

Aug. 30 – Virginia Tech @Charlotte (ESPN/ESPN2)

Sept. 13 – *at Tulane
Sept. 20 – at N.C. State
Sept. 27 – *HOUSTON
Oct. 11 – at Virginia
Oct. 18 – *MEMPHIS
Nov. 2 – *at UCF (ESPN/ESPN2)
Nov. 8 – *MARSHALL
Nov. 15 – *at Southern Miss
Nov. 22 – *at UABNov. 29 – *UTEP
Dec. 6 – C-USA Championship Game @highest-seed campus site (ESPN/ESPN2)

Oh, on the non-related tip.. Here is our own Lou Score with this hot danzel!

Who are you? Why do you come for me Direct TV girl?

Just let me watch cable and leave our people alone!

She just stares at you with vigor through your television set, directing you in this hypnotic, robotic voice explaining why you should make the switch to Satellite, while strange, alarming music plays eerily in the background. She has the eyes of the runaway bride and pale white skin, like a day walker from Blade. But, I am extremely attracted to her while she is facing me and feel that I am not content with my cable, and must convert over to dish immediately.

The ad runs constantly and loops over and over again like a Billy Fucillo commercial. I have cable, so they run the ad like every five minutes on every channel, especially in the late evening after I dim the lights. Who is she? Why is she here, and why I am attracted to her?

As I sit on my couch, drinking my malt liquor, I see “scary direct tv girl”, and I don’t actually think the actress is scary anymore?. She’s clearly supposed to be on my TV right now for a reason. If she is out there, I am Danny, and I know what you are saying! I tried to fight it, but cannot resist the temptation of dish anymore. Unfortunately for her, I will continue to fight the “good fight” against the dark powers of Direct TV. She will not tempt me, and I will release her demons when she arrives to take me to the Direct TV Safe house.

Unless this is some sort of evil government scheme to get me to switch to Direct TV, by promising that I won’t be subjected to their awful ads if I switch from cable. As she pops up again on my TV, I feel a bit of calm. She is gone, and with that, I am suddenly subjected to a Romano Suburu commercial.

Oh – maybe you don’t agree with me? Maybe the commercials don’t bother you? Maybe you don’t think she’s that scary? Then look into her eyes and tell me what you see? Do you see something from Narnia? Is she a Shape shifter from the movie Millennium? Why doesn’t she blink her eyes. Would she be able to sit with you on the couch and watch a Yankees game or the upcoming final four?

I will continue my cable, if and only if I am directed by the Direct TV girl, that she plans harm to my family and kindred. I will not give up the good fight for the common folk, and will be a warrior for everything that is right with us candid cable minions.

God Bless America!

Girls pee-pee when they see me……and I pee pee when they see me

He heard Monk was coming to NBC

James Dundy of East Syracuse couldn’t believe it when he found out that Kris Joseph was coming to play Basketball at Syracuse University. “I don’t know who he is, but freakin shit I am glad he is coming, fuck yeah!” Dundy who is in his third year at Onondaga Community college was happy to hear some good news after the Orange had a disappointing ending to the 07-08 campaign.

The idiots gave some good information on the leaper from Montreal, and apparently his videos on youtube are rocking the rim like Shaq-fu. He has been compared to Hakim Warrick, and is supposed to be versatile, like my Lee comfort fit jeans. “I want someone who jumps the fuck out of the Dome like Hak did. None of this Josh Pace shit anymore, I know he won a national championship, but I want some dudes who have hops like my 40 ounce.”

In another, more random note check out Baseball with lightsabers….

Best Sport Montages of All Time-Number 4…..Vision Quest

All he needed was a lucky break. Then one day she moved in.

Vision Quest is a coming of age movie in dramatic 80’s fashion in which high school wrestler Louden Swain (Matthew Modine) decides he wants to be something more than an average high school athlete and sets his sights on a prize that many don’t think he can win or even come close, the “Golden Singlet”. He then sets out to reach his goal alone, without much support from his ornery father or dickhead coach. His father rents a room to a young drifter, Carla (Linda Fiorentino). The drifters my parents brought in our house never looked like that?
Swain falls in love with her and she helps him stay focused and prevents him from losing sight of his goals. If you like wresting tights, and over zealous acting with a touch of singlet bulges, this is a film for you. If you never got the whole high school wrestling thing,(me) it might be tough visually looking at dudes junk all movie.

Here is number 4 Vision Quest(1985)

Four days before the match, Lowden Swain checks in at 180 pounds. He then proceeds to go get five sweatshirts and a garbage bag, which will make up his outfit for the next couple of days. All eating will stop from here on out. Ahh, to be a high school wrestler spitting in a cup.

"I’ve got one hell of a man crush on Derek Jeter. He’s made all the right moves."

Even with disguise, the ladies can’t get enough

Mancrush (defined):

  • A man having extreme admiration for another man, as though he wants to be him.
  • Respect, admiration and idolization of another man. Non-sexual. Celebrities, athletes and rock stars are often the object of the man crush.
  • It can be stronger than the love between a man and a woman.

He is the Captain, plain and simple. We all know Derek Jeters accomplishments on and off (Jessica Alba) the field. We remember “The Dive and catch,” his record 150 postseason hits, and World Series MVP award as being pretty amazing to say the least. Clearly he has a ton more and his current wikipedia profile does the man no justice. In addition to his baseball prowess and respect for the game, this guy clearly embodies what us guys want to be off the field, starting with the hotties.

First of all, the guy dated Jessica “The Ass” Alba. That in itself will get anyone to the next level on the man crush totem pole. Add in Scarlet Johannson, Jessica Biel, and Mariah Carey and the guy is pretty much on Hugh Hefner level of envy. Just think for a second, ALL of the women we don’t know about! Seriously, could you imagine how diversified his portfolio is? I think I just threw up in my mouth. Could you imagine introducing your wife or girlfriend to him at a cocktail party? You would feel like Dick Trickle at Nascar drivers Media day.

Well, all we can do is watch in marvel and envy and hope one day that all of us happen to have the chance to be shortstop of the New York Yankees. Columbus would do though!