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"I’ve got one hell of a man crush on Derek Jeter. He’s made all the right moves."

Even with disguise, the ladies can’t get enough

Mancrush (defined):

  • A man having extreme admiration for another man, as though he wants to be him.
  • Respect, admiration and idolization of another man. Non-sexual. Celebrities, athletes and rock stars are often the object of the man crush.
  • It can be stronger than the love between a man and a woman.

He is the Captain, plain and simple. We all know Derek Jeters accomplishments on and off (Jessica Alba) the field. We remember “The Dive and catch,” his record 150 postseason hits, and World Series MVP award as being pretty amazing to say the least. Clearly he has a ton more and his current wikipedia profile does the man no justice. In addition to his baseball prowess and respect for the game, this guy clearly embodies what us guys want to be off the field, starting with the hotties.

First of all, the guy dated Jessica “The Ass” Alba. That in itself will get anyone to the next level on the man crush totem pole. Add in Scarlet Johannson, Jessica Biel, and Mariah Carey and the guy is pretty much on Hugh Hefner level of envy. Just think for a second, ALL of the women we don’t know about! Seriously, could you imagine how diversified his portfolio is? I think I just threw up in my mouth. Could you imagine introducing your wife or girlfriend to him at a cocktail party? You would feel like Dick Trickle at Nascar drivers Media day.

Well, all we can do is watch in marvel and envy and hope one day that all of us happen to have the chance to be shortstop of the New York Yankees. Columbus would do though!