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This makes me want to drink milk and beer!!

This is a picture of my long lost.. um, friend.. and, if anyone has contact with her, please immediately send her to the Sport Hump Field Office in Saratoga Springs, NY, located in my bedroom. Thank you. -Lou Score


Chancellor Cantor: "We will have more hot chicks at Syracuse University. You can count on that."

In a surprise address to the Syracuse student body after the release of the Hottest Student Bodies: The 50 Best Colleges based on looks, Chancellor Nancy Cantor addressed the issue of a decline in hotness of incoming Syracuse University freshmen. Syracuse has missed the list the past ten years, and has been in decline of the “Crazy hot college coed,” that young men and even women expect during their college years. The Chancellor stated her concern with this by stating,

“I truly believe our University can recruit these hot young women to come to
our college here in Central New York. We realized our issue of being more
selective academically and our increase in tuition has had an impact of our
young women and the physical appearance of these coeds. To be competitive with
the Arizona State’s and Florida State’s of the world, we have to make our
University attractive.”

A few things Cantor mentioned in the speech as potential ideas:

  1. Offer free tanning to incoming freshmen
  2. Sex in the City-Series Box set
  3. Hair By Industry

We have found two photo submissions from Syracuse for the Poll:

Hey guys, want to go to Bob Evans?

Who is ready for Spring Break?

We are routing for the Orange ladies, but we need to work on a few things. Get rid of the mom pants, flannel shirts and baggy sweatpants. They don’t do that crap out in Cali or down in Alabama. Well, we will enjoy our upstate ladies and we realize not one New York school made the list, and my Alma mater(East Carolina University) got an honorable mention. Go Pirates!

We also realize schools like USC doesn’t have Dinosaur Barbecue or kick ass Upstate New York Wings. Also a shout out goes for our New York State ladies at Suny Delhi, Potsdam and Suny Canton. You girls are some tough ladies that can handle the chores.

And the winner is…………..God bless State Schools!