Onondaga County and Syracuse Chiefs are BFF’s

Lets see how this works………..

  • The county said the Chiefs owed taxpayers $496,479.
  • The Chiefs said taxpayers owed them $860,827.

Okay, I realize in our crazy tax system, write-offs and the ability for Big Money to fall “behind the lines”, but how does the process get to this point.

“I can tell you, we’re not paying them $800,000, and they’re not paying us $500,000,” County Executive Mahoney said. “It’s somewhere in the middle.”

Ahh, ok I get it. A struggling Triple AAA baseball affiliate to our only Canadian baseball franchise, that has a decreasing bottom line can pull the, “can’t we just work something out here” line? I mean, we put in a grass field for Goodness sake!” So before the game at Alliance Bank Stadium started, Mahoney stated she and Chiefs officials signed a letter of intent that will turn into a memorandum of understanding Friday. The memorandum is a formal agreement that will settle the past money issues and explain how the Chiefs and county will do business in the future, Mahoney said.

The Syracuse Chiefs are the Bear Sterns of Minor league baseball……….Now, time for the most beautiful picture I have ever seen!


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