Girls pee-pee when they see me……and I pee pee when they see me

He heard Monk was coming to NBC

James Dundy of East Syracuse couldn’t believe it when he found out that Kris Joseph was coming to play Basketball at Syracuse University. “I don’t know who he is, but freakin shit I am glad he is coming, fuck yeah!” Dundy who is in his third year at Onondaga Community college was happy to hear some good news after the Orange had a disappointing ending to the 07-08 campaign.

The idiots gave some good information on the leaper from Montreal, and apparently his videos on youtube are rocking the rim like Shaq-fu. He has been compared to Hakim Warrick, and is supposed to be versatile, like my Lee comfort fit jeans. “I want someone who jumps the fuck out of the Dome like Hak did. None of this Josh Pace shit anymore, I know he won a national championship, but I want some dudes who have hops like my 40 ounce.”

In another, more random note check out Baseball with lightsabers….


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