Typical Red Sux fan..

Hey Sport Humpers, I planned to post another clip from my personal adventures in Yankees Stadium, but when I asked for submissions, you delivered a great one just in time to celebrate the Yankees victory in their Home Opener. This one actually comes from my cousin, Chris Score, in Georgia. Now, this great piece of footage was credited to have taken place in Wrigley Field, but I put our staff of Sport Humping Fact Finders on the job, and it turns out that this was actually a Red Sux fan attending a game in Wrigley Field. You see, this is the rarely seen tradition enjoyed by the Fenway Bottom Dwellers of wallowing in their own excrement. They had begun doing this early in the many years during the Curse of the Bambino, and have just not let go of this foul custom. This particular fan was blissfully ignorant that this act is socially abhorred outside of New England sports, and he was proudly sharing his display of Boston Mortification with what he thought were his new friends. Thanks Chris! – Lou Score


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