The MASTERS can suck it. Seriously.

The “Real” Masters

Yep, it’s about that time for the game of golf to suck my balls. I hate Augusta National and the Masters..

Yes, the same Augusta National that holds the Masters every April’ and this horrid pace of commercials narrated by Syracuse’s own Mike Tirico. I tell this to golfers and golf fans in general, and they are like, ” How could you hate Augusta?”. Okay, not a big golfer in general, and I think it’s incredibly boring and pompous (the rules in general). I don’t like things that are gentlemanly in general.
I mean Augusta is every golfers dream course, or I hear that’s what they say.. Its the course you want to play before you die. Every golfer can’t wait for to play this damn tournament., Amen Corner, 16 over the water, blah, blah,blah…… Is it Tiger, Phil, maybe Sergio, Ernie. Shut up Jim Nance and talk louder, stop freaking whispering.

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