Utah State students: Will you continue to rock my world?…Beer Pong with Root Beer, God I love Mormons

Barq’s really bites!

I am not sure how to begin this, just read this little dandy from KUTV in Utah…………..

Students At Utah State Play ‘Drinking Game’ With Root Beer Instead

LOGAN – Utah State University students are putting a new spin on an old game.
Beirut — or beer pong — is a favorite among college students. The objective is to bounce a ping pong ball from one end of a table into a cluster of cups at the other end. If the ball lands in a cup, the owner of that cup drinks its contents — usually, beer.

That’s where USU students take exception. On a dry campus with a heavily Mormon population, the Aggies play with root beer.

“People are pretty excited about the event,” said coordinator Megan Darrington. “We want to make this a tradition at USU.”

Campus Recreation Chairman Lance Brown elaborated on why he thinks the game, which students played Friday at the Taggart Student Center, has caught on.

“It’s like people here want to look worldly, but they don’t want to be worldly,” he said. “Living in a Mormon community, students want to push the edge a little.”

The event was sponsored by the school’s student council and organized by the Associated Students of USU’s athletics group. Organizers arranged a bracketed tournament competition, and teams of two with names like Sobriety and A&W came to play.

Continue reading story here….


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