After watching the Yankees beat the Red Sux in the House that Ruth built, the only capper is watching our drunk chicks beat up their drunk chicks!

Hey Sport Humpers! My name is Lou Score, and I am a Sport Humper! I filmed this drunken girl on girl scuffle last year, with the assistance of my little brother, Joshua. I have a bunch of video from last year that I will share with you, along with reports and video of my adventures at the stadium this year. I’m taking the responsibility as official Yankees correspondent among the Sport Humpers, and I will use my own footage as much as possible. I will also consider posting any exceptional footage that you may have, so please share! If you are a Red Sux fan.. well, you suck, and I can’t wait to hear you crying about your loser team when Varitek’s old knees give out again, and your team falls apart. Now, to start my Sport Humping career, I give you this footage from 4/28/2007 Outside of Gate 6. This was the location of a classic Yankees vs Red Sux Drunken chick fight, where you can hear classic lines, such as, “I don’t f^c%’.. you think I care if I get arrested?”, and a beautiful rendition of the classic American tune ‘Boston Takes It Up The A$$”!


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