Best Sport Montages of All Time-Number 6…..Rocky III

Boxer Rocky Balboa enjoys the wealth and notoriety he has as world Heavyweight champion. He has chosen to only fight against easy opponents and Butterbean types. Then he is challenged by the arrogant bonecrusher with a mowhawk, Clubber Lang. Rocky accepts the challenge to proove once more that there is only one world-champion and to win the hearts of Philadelphia, one more time. But Lang kicks Rocky’s ass and then goes on to star in a hit 80’s television show, The A-Team. Nobody believes in Rocky anymore, not even his own abs, except one man: former world-champion Appolo Creed/Action Jackson. And Creed tries to the stimulate his fighting spirit and get Rocky back in top-form by running slow motion sprints on the beach with both men’s bodies well lubed up for sitiliating beach-action running.

Here is number 6-Rocky III (1982)

Even though the film opened six years after the original, the story is set only four years beyond the original. Rocky is introduced as 30 in the first Apollo Creed fight and is introduced as 34 before the rematch with Clubber Lang. Hey, I am 33 and I think I can still kick some ass? Give the old gents some credit!

This is because the movie is set three years after Rocky II which was supposed to be the following year after the original. Anyhoot, as a child probably the most memorable montage and after seeing this movie, I wanted to box until I realized I was an averaged sized, spoiled white kid from the Burbs.


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