White dude accidently attends Latino Town Hall meeting in Syracuse

40 attend Latino town hall meeting

Posted by Luke Cicora April 27, 2008 11:10PM

Syracuse, NY.—-Housing, education, bi-lingual and youth programs were among some of the topics discussed Thursday night at the second annual Latino town hall meeting. About 40 people attended the meeting at St. Lucy’s Church on Syracuse’s Near West Side. A random white guy attended the meeting, wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket and black jean shorts. After a few minutes he left screaming,

“If you don’t like America, you can get the $%^$ out!”

The CNY Latino newspaper organized the event to gave agencies serving the Latino community a chance to inform the public about their programs and field questions from residents. Apparently nobody at the meeting was there for Fantasy Nascar night. This random white fellow apparently thought it was his weekly meeting for his Fantasy Nascar league.

The agencies represented at the meeting included the Westside Learning Center; Spanish Action League; Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement(ANCLA); The Latino radio station, Nosotros; and Syracuse Area Latinos United Against Disparities Inc. or SALUD and not Fantasy Nascar.


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