We could of used Teen Wolf….

“What’s up UMASS, lets play some ball.”

Syracuse, which had led 54-32 with 14 minutes and 30 seconds remaining against UMASS Tuesday night at the Carrier Dome, turned all “Michael J. Fox” and played like a 5’6 white boy fom Camillus trying out for the new season of AND1.

Imagine if we had a werewolf to help us out? Maybe a teen werewolf that is also great at basketball? Maybe we could of pulled this one out and went to New York City?
Michael J. Fox sucks at playing basketball, we all have to admit that. I would of took him over Kristof last night though. With a height of 5’3”, I’m not entirely surprised Mike J is not of the basketball kindred. Maybe a good size to do some van surfing, but not division 1 basketball.

I could of pictured the moment. Down a few points, desperate for a few quick baskets. Boeheim calls Mike J over and asks him to “Wolf Out!” Mike J refuses and wants Boeheim to let him win the game on his own, and not the wolf. Boeheim gets pissed, and yanks him .

Subsequently the crowd starts chanting, “Wolf, Wolf, Wolf” and Coach B has to put him back in the game. He looks up and catches his boy Stiles selling wolf man t-shirts and he decides he can help the team and fans by becoming the wolf(inside, sans hair and fangs), not because he thinks he needs the wolf, but for the good will of the Syracuse community and fans.

This is what entails……..

The End.


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