Good ole Dick Enberg…."Hey Chandra, I know Dan Fouts!"

It’s ok to blink Richard

Let’s play know your Dick Enberg

-Dick Enberg’s surname is of Swedish origin. While starting out at KTLA-TV, Enberg was pressured into changing his name professionally to Dick Breen out of fear that Enberg would be seen as too ethnic sounding (i.e. Jewish).

-Enberg penned a one-man theatrical play titled (Al) McGuire after his former television broadcast partner and late friend. It debuted at Marquette University’s Helfaer Theater in 2005. There may be plans to take the show on the road, as it drew positive reviews as an accurate portrayal of the eccentric coach. At the 2007 NCAA Final Four in Atlanta, Enberg presented three performances of McGuire at the Alliance Theater. Actor Cotter Smith portrays McGuire in the one-man show. Those attending the April 1 matinée included Hall of Famers coach Dean Smith (whom McGuire defeated in the 1977 NCAA Championship in Atlanta) and former UCLA All-American center Bill Walton.

-Enberg was scheduled to be the prime time host for NBC’s coverage of the 1980 Summer Olympics from Moscow. After the United States opted to boycott the games, NBC decided to greatly reduce their Olympic broadcasting hours. Although Enberg now hosted a two hour wrap-up show each night, he was still given credit for being the anchor.


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