"It turned into a war zone, literally!"

One bystander stated, “It was like I was at Ohio State all over again!”

Brent Axe will leave the hallow hall of his podcast in his wife’s parents basement to take a Gig at ESPN 1260 opposite Bud and the Manchild. This announcement which was posted all over the Syracuse Blogosphere…

Axe announced the forum this morning on his blog on Syracuse.com

“On the Block with Brent Axe” will air weekdays from 3-6 p.m. on ESPN Radio 1260 in Syracuse. The show is tentatively scheduled to launch two weeks from today on Monday, April 7. If we don’t come out of the gate on that day, it will certainly be sometime in Mid-April.”

Over at that other station, SportsRadio620, they immediately made this announcement…..

The Bud and the Manchild show is happy to announce that we will have women in bikinis “live” in the studio during all broadcasts from here on out. Perry Noun will also judge, “Hot or Not” contests with local college girls and Toad the Wet Sprocket will bring the show to each break.”

The Soule Road Elementary School will continue to manage their website, and my Uncle Louie will seek out their site for his softcore Adult content fix daily.

Brent Axe is something all of us at TheSportHump listened to religiously( even though Mark can’t stand Dave Mathews) when we first moved to Syracuse a few years back, and were very upset when he left the air. Although our blog is pretty much, “A bunch of worthless crap by a few 30 year olds that need an out,” we are glad to have something that picks us up in the afternoon so we aren’t falling asleep at work!

Congrats Axe and we will surely call in and ask “Really dumb and inappropriate questions!”

Oh, and a very inappropriate video from all of us…(Don’t smoke crack)


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