Jesus Christ would have been a shooting guard….3:16

“Take it to the hole JC!”

On the very holy day that is Easter, I often think if JC was around today, what his skills on the basketball court would have been. Thinking that he is a lanky white guy(sorry black jesus) with quick feet and great vision I could picture him playing the 2 spot shooting guard and transitioning into the small forward position.

I could see Jesus Christ being a Matt Roe type of player with feet work like Eric Devendorf. He would of been the quintessential European player with a great ability to drive to the hole and dish to the open man. He would have sported the headband and been the Bill Walton of his time. Imagine JC crossing half court at an NBA All-Star game setting up Tim Duncan with a slashing drive and a tift of the hand and it’s Duncan for two. That would be an awe-inspiring event.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s clear that the modern professional athlete needs Jesus at every second of their game. If I was an NBA GM, I would wonder how I could get Jesus on my team? I could picture JC making a David Beckham like entrance. A late night arrival at LAX, flanked by his disciples wearing Prada, and Kenneth Cole jeans, sipping on a vitamin water that turns to a Kindlebrook Pinot at mark……

In the immortal words of Gary Busey…..

“Jesus Christ is my lord of being righteous in heaven. I would hug Jesus until his guts came out!”


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