Dan Cortese…What’s going on with the Whopper Man?

Notice the spike in the search words “Dan Cortese”

Dan Cortese,born September 14, 1967 in Sewickley, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an American actor. Cortese first came to prominence as host of MTV Sports from 1992 to 1997, which was so extreme it was pulled due to viewer seizures caused by the shows insane stunts and extreme tricks. He has had starring roles in the 1993 remake of Route 66, Traps, Melrose Place, The Single Guy, Veronica’s Closet(in which he played “Perry” for three seasons), Rock Me Baby, and Ball & Chain. Cortese appeared in the NBC television series Seinfeld, where he played Tony, Elaine’s ultra-cool, vapid, good-looking boyfriend. In the episode, he was dubbed a “mimbo” (a male bimbo). He was also featured in the WB television series What I Like About You in a recurring role as Vic, Val’s husband, and in several episodes of 8 Simple Rules, playing Bridget’s tennis coach.

During “Your Way, Right Away” campaign at Burger King during the 1990s, Burger King hired Dan Cortese as their official spokesperson. Cortese would often be seen visiting with Burger King customers and getting them flame grilled whoppers, customized to their liking. He would also been seen hanging out in the back, grilling burgers with Burger King workers. He was then given the nickname of “Dan Dan: The Whopper Man” in the commercials.

Prior to becoming an actor, he was a walk-on member of the University of North Carolina football team. His freshman year he traveled with the team to the Aloha Bowl. He graduated with a B.A. in Broadcasting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Recently we have noticed a high level of searching for Cortese happening on the “internets.” Is Cortese up to something that is creating this incredible awareness online? Also, on the R rated front, if you google, “Dan Cortese penis”, ironically the number one site on that search is TheSportHump….We are a bit concerned about that, and not sure how to take it. In no way, is TheSportHump tied into anything with Cortese’s penis, nor will we associate in penis content online.

The Whopper Man wrecking shop at Burger King


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