TheSportHump Interview-“I need a squeegie to get all this sweat off my head.”…Sit down with Luke Jensen

Luke Jensen, “We will get those Hot SoCal Coeds to play here!”

Introducing TheSporthump’s first wangle interview. Mark had the opportunity to touch base with the Syracuse University Women’s Tennis coach luke Jensen. This is what entailed…………….

Hump: Thanks for taking time to chat with us Luke, how has the off season been?

Jensen: Working on the TV side, trying to scout some players and basically hitting some balls down in Florida.

Hump: I look at the Syracuse Women’s tennis team, and I have to admit, physically an eyesore Luke.

Jensen: We realize that today’s women’s tennis player has to have the ability and look to make an impact in the game. You look at the USC’s and Stanford’s of the world, and you see a 5’9 model who can crush a forehand. We will get those hot SoCal coeds to play here.

Hump: What’s your schedule like covering the Grand Slams and trying to recruit for Syracuse?

Jensen: Pretty much a daze. I cover the pro game all day, and then travel to a high school in the middle of Tands, Vermont to see this little 90 lb. girl barely whack it across the net. I leave there, head to a Hooters, try to score a waitress, and then head back to the event and do it all again.

Hump: Sharapova or The Williams sisters?

Jensen: Hmmm, I would take Serena after a few weeks on the elliptical.

We don’t really follow tennis, Where did LOVE come from?

Jensen: Probably some ole English chap, that just got dumped by his lady, and decided to go knock a few balls on the court.

Hump: Thanks for giving us a few minutes. Chris Evert still has has a slamming body!

Jensen: Who are you anyway?


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