In search of the perfect goatee…Jim Rome had emergency goatee surgery in Honduras back in 2005

That goatee pretty much guarantees he is up to no good!

Via: (The Guerilla Report)

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS (GSN) – While legions of disappointed fans across the U.S. endured a spate of guest hosts this week on The Jim Rome Radio Show, the namesake host slipped out of the country for an emergency procedure to repair his patented pudding ring goatee.

The outspoken Rome, also host of ESPN’s aptly-named Rome Is Burning, suffered a harrowing accident over the weekend while tending his beloved goatee, a signature look he has sported for years. After successfully trimming his chinner and mustache — both resplendent in Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel — the always-smooth Rome suffered a rare lapse in motor skills, inexplicably shaving a gaping chasm in his left-lip connector hair.

According to sources familiar with Rome’s grooming habits, Los Angeles paramedics were called to the scene but could not revive the broken hair pattern. Rather than alarm his pavlovian fan base which hangs on his every word, Rome elected clandestine surgery at the hands of the world’s foremost goatee specialist.

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I have tried Rome multiple times and I just don’t get it. Jim Rome hits the ears like an Spike TV version of Michael Savage: a spoiled So-Cal punk dabbling in radio between his morning surf, Starbucks latte and afternoon tennis lesson from some old timer. He augments his monotone delivery style with phrases like “grab a vine” (pick up the phone), “rack him” (record his/her call),”suck on some D-cells” (grow bitter), and other staples of his Good Charlotte of sports callers.


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