So Close Duke, So Close……Belmont had you!

Born Premature,Baby Amelia (watching the Duke-Belmont Game and laughing when Duke was trailing with a minute left) enjoyed that Duke almost lost as a 15th seed

From a post via ( about a year ago….

Hating Duke is one of the least original stances in all of sports fandom. Probably because it’s one of the most satisfying. Maybe if Dick Vitale, Billy Packer, and Jay Bilas died in a fiery car wreck and half of the Duke student body succumbed to a deadly outbreak of an ebola-avian bird flu hybrid, the schadenfreude would be satisfying enough to hate the basketball team a little less

This is true, and I often find myself wanting Duke to lose more than Syracuse winning. Why is that? Why do I get more joy from a Duke basketball loss more than a victory from my favorite sports teams?

Belmont played a hell of a game and if Duke is not raining 3’s, they are a VERY AVERAGE college basketball team.

Greg Paulus’s eyes didn’t look as bruised tonight, maybe he didn’t get beat up in the mess hall again? I really wish Coach K would get busted with a hooker, and get busted for money laundering with all his cheesy motivational speeches and basketball camps.

I can’t wait for Duke Football!


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