UPS Chalkboard-Use the backboard for layups!

I was just planning my 2nd round NIT party tonight and was thinking about Syracuse’s matchup tomorrow night at the Big white Dome on the Hill. Greivis Vasquez had 16 points and six rebounds rocking the Gopher faithful and made sure Maryland didn’t lose another big lead in a 68-58 victory over Minnesota on Tuesday night in the first round of the NIT.

We have never been Maryland fans, nor are we ACC fans. This game could get a bit tricky for the Orange if Johnny Flynn is not at 100 percent. Flynn wasn’t able to dribble/penetrate last night effectively and if it wasn’t for a few sharp shooting Orangemen, it could have been a different ending.

They are 17th in the country in rebounds and are in the top 25 in field goal percentage. So Kristof and Arinze have to get tough and get those loose balls and take over the boards. If anything, Maryland went 500 (8-8) in the ACC, so they are going to be a tough game regardless.

Enough of the serious shit…….Remember JJ Redicks airball versus Maryland?

BallHype – UPS Chalkboard-Use the backboard for layups!


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