I literally pooped myself……Woman Finds Crack Cocaine in Rally’s Sandwich…and eats it anyway!

If I had a nickel for everytime I found crack in a sandwich!

Story via (Local12.com)

A local woman considers herself pretty lucky right now, after a rather scary encounter with her dinner. She says the problem came last night, after picking up an order at the Rally’s drive thru on Madison Road and Red Bank in Madisonville.

In this developing story alert, Local 12’s Rich Jaffe says police believe the fast food drive thru may have been a drive thru for drugs.

It was just supposed to be a quick stop for a couple of fish sandwiches, but when this Madisonville woman got her dinner home, she found something else.

“Immediately, I didn’t notice it, as a matter of fact, I was kind of ravenous, grabbed the sandwich, took a bite, looked down and here’s this… these white glumps of something, looked like a powdery substance, laying on the paper that the sandwich came wrapped in. I think the majority of it fell out of the paper…”

Police say they believe that substance was about 10 grams of crack cocaine. Concerned about possible retaliation, we agreed not to identify the woman.

“There was quite a bit of it, and I thought, well, this doesn’t belong in a sandwich. This isn’t part of what I should normally get from Rally’s. So, I ate the other sandwich and called the police.”

“After the order of crack cocaine allegedly got served up here at Rally’s, Cincinnati Police sent a couple of undercover officers in here and that’s when they came up with Russell Calbert.”

District Two Police, an investigator from violent crimes, arrested Rally’s employee, Calbert, when he ran into the bathroom. They found marijuana in his right hand. At this point, he’s only charged with marijuana possession, but this woman worries, what if a child had gotten a sandwich loaded with cocaine!

“It could have been fatal if they’d ingested all of that, because it was a pretty good amount and that idea scares the daylights out of me. Besides being in appropriate, you can kill somebody doing that.”

Rich Jaffe, Local 12.

A spokesperson for Rally’s Corporate Headquarters in Tampa tells us…. “We take the matter very seriously, and are committed to the safety of our food and customers.” They don’t believe the substance originated at the restaurant, and tell us they maintain a drug free workplace, and are working closely with authorities


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