Big East Rockin’ with Dokken!

“Hey, at least my bracket isn’t shot to shit!”

Thanks to Russianator over at Three Idiots on Sports for giving me updates, while I was “working” for part of the day (wink, wink) Looks like the Big East is fairing pretty well, Marquette looks like it is going to hold on to take down Kentucky. (Did anyone catch Ashley Judd in the stands, Boob enhancement maybe?) Pittsburgh is looking really, freaking good right now.

Could we put 8 Big East teams into the field of 32? That would be basically 25% of the remaining field left?

Interesting side note…..Of this year’s 34 at-large bids, six went to universities in nonpower conferences. Last year, nonpower conferences also had six teams receive at-large berths.

Wow, props to Joe Lunardi!

The bracket expert Joe Lunardi correctly predicted all 65 teams that made the tournament field. … Pittsburgh, which was the seventh seed in the Big East tournament, is a No. 4 seed in the N.C.A.A. tournament. The Panthers beat Georgetown to win the Big East’s automatic bid.

We will see?


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