Don’t let the mustache fool you, Jason Kidd knows how to pick them!…

From the Hottest Girls on Myspace……

Put it this way. As long as the baby doesn’t come out having a head the size of Quentin Tarantino then I think we’re fine here. I would assume that Jason Kidd has at least read something in relation to the size of his son’s head right? We’ve been saying this stuff ever since the kid attended his first basketball game. Well, I hope that the mesh of genes of Kidd and Hope Dworaczyk produce a more stable and proportional child. I was quite pleased to find that Hope actually has a Myspace Page. It’s not the greatest in the world but at least it gave me an excuse to put her up here. And she most certainly deserves to be up here. I tell ya, Kidd ain’t the prettiest guy in the world but he most certainly knows how to pick ‘em. I guess it helps being a millionaire and having ridiculous court vision.

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