A Daytime Soap Featuring A Grammy Nominated Cast Of Rich Athletes and buxom blondes…(I don’t mind the blondes though)

May people on the Left Coast call ESPN The Eastern Sports and Patriots Network.
They sometimes say they are always jocking the patriots and everything in the east and in fact think they did have 24/7 live coverage on Tom Bradys house during the Superbowl.

They claim to be The “worldwide leader in sports” and could be a malignant misconception since they don’t cover F1 racing, rugby or motoGP (very popular world level sports) and cover Spelling Bees, Poker and Bowling.

Even this could have happened to you before………

Mike: Hey, did you watch ESPN tonight?

Luke: Yeah, they did not say who won the world series yet but I’m so glad I know that T.O. has a contract dispute, and steroids may not help you hit fastballs!

We all knew this for awhile that ESPN was getting dummied down by the Merger with Disney. Seriously, Bass fishing!!??? Well apparently they have jumped the shark as well…

Check out this commentary (via:jumptheshark.com)

I remember being elated to see an African-American sportscaster on ESPN in the 1990’s. I had been a strong SC viewer before then, but that just made me, an Af.Am. male, feel good. It showed me that ESPN didn’t think WE were only good enough to play sports but not report it. It was a good move for everyone…

HOW-EVAH!!! Little did I know that ESPN/Walt Disney/ABC would get into the habit of promoting the new millennium SAMBO!! I have not watch SC in almost two years because, IRONICALLY, I cant stand Stuart Scott’s antics.. “Booyah!” and “Holla at a Playa” etc. were annoyingly ridiculous!! Its not so much that Scott is making Af. Am.’s look bad, it because he is an OLD MAN trying to seem cool! The execs at ESPN/DISNEY don’t know any difference. They think that his antics are “hip” and “edgy”. Actually, I find them stupid. Just report the game!
Mr Scott is a highly educated man, but he is playing himself. He picked the show up over his shoulders and threw it over the shark!!

Well, for now I will just stick to my Box set for one of my favorite shows, Sportsnight!


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