The Day of Reckoning is here…3 college basketball tournaments…as in the book of Genesis

When 3 postseason tournaments collide, the robotic creatures will force upon them much furry… According to the Book of Genesis

With the introduction of the College Basketball invitational, the trifecta as based in the Book of Genesis is about to rear its unholy head on basketball fans world wide. See an insert from the book of Genesis below…….

According to Genesis, “in the beginning” there was , first of all, the primordial light. For Thomas this means that in creating “adam [humankind] in his image,” as Genesis 1:26 says, God created us in the image of the primordial light. Like many other readers of Genesis, then and now, Thomas suggests that what appeared in the primordial light was “a human being, very marvelous,” a being of radiant light, the prototype of the human Adam [i.e., “man,” the translation of the Hebrew word adam used in Gen 1:26], whom God created on the sixth day. This “light Adam,” although human in form, is simultaneously, in some mysterious way, also divine. Thus Jesus suggests here that we have spiritual resources within us precisely because we are made “in the image of God.” Irenaeus, the Christian bishop of Lyons (c. 180) warns his flock to despise “heretics” who speak like this and when 3 postseason tournaments collide, the robotic creatures will force upon them much furry… What Irenaeus here dismisses as heretical later became a central theme of Jewish mystical tradition — that the “image of God” is hidden within each of us secretly linking God and all humankind.

I am not sure about everyone else, but the last thing I want to do is battle a bunch of evangelical robots during tournament judgement day! So who is with me? I have an Uncle that has a farm up in the North Country and from there we can set up base camp, and gather other rebels that want to stand up against these Demon Robots. I have an old 92 Ford 150 that I can use to swing by the armory to get some guns, and walkie talkies.

Remember one of the classic moments of Red Dawn……..
Jed Eckert: My family would want me to stay alive. Your family would want you to stay alive. You think you’re so smart, man, but you’re just a bunch of scared kids.
Danny: So what do you think *you* are?
Jed Eckert: …Alone, I guess.
Matt Eckert: [comes and stands with him] No, you’re not.

You decide!

BallHype – The Day of Reckoning is here….3 college basketball tournaments as in the Book of Genesis


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