Johnny Flynn hates Colonialism…..Why he will tear up Robert Morris

Here is for the extension of our nation’s sovereignty over territory beyond its borders!

Okay, we don’t normally make informative, opinionated posts, nor our we articulate enough to deep dive into the statistic world as our friends like Troy Nunes is an absolute magician, Orange 44, Three Idiots, Axeman, etc. But! Looking at Robert Morris and who they have played and done against teams that are comparative to our style of play makes tonight game seem like Syracuse versus Lemoyne’s JV Squad.

We have a couple of former ballers here at the Hump, so here is how we see tonight pan out against the boyz from Moon Township, PA….(Be easy on us everyone, we have never got “up in it” on the prediction/analysis side before.

Johnny Flynn
Drive baby, Drive! He controls this game. No one on the Colonials can keep pace with him and if he has some vision in front of him, our big guys could have a HUGE Fucillo night! If he controls the pace up and down the floor, and can choose his shots and get the ball down to the big guys, we are golden!

Let Jeremy Chappel (14.9 PPG) get his.
We cannot let Tony Lee (6.7 RPG/6.4 APG) have a big game. When we have a teams top two scorers have big nights, we always struggle.

Get loose balls
Robert Morris out-hustled, out-rebounded, and got all the loose balls against Boston College. We can’t play on our heels and play patiently. They are a scrappy bunch, and remember Vermont a few years ago? Eerily similar?

Free Throws
They are going to hack on us all night long. We have to be over 70% if that’s the type of defense they are going to play. They don’t have the size and if we start missing free throws early, they will Hacksaw Jim Duggan us and put us on the line.

-The Crowd
We got to get Devendorf tonight, sans chinstrap beard! Grab a towel, throw it around, Jump up and down like your at a House of Pain Concert. We are pissed of that we are playing a home game in mid-march, but they are still our team.


I am still not filling out an NIT Bracket!

BallHype – Syracuse Point Guard Johnny Flynn hates Colonialism


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