Breaking News!……Syracuse Assistant Basketball coach denies allegations of Sex Tape

Bernie Fine, Syracuse Basketball’s longtime assistant basketball coach has denied some rumors of an alleged sex tape with a Cricket Wireless worker this past summer, prior to the start of classes at Syracuse University. The rumors started when Dasani Vasquez, of East Syracuse stated,

“I made a sex tape with an assistant basketball coach at Syracuse.” When asked if she knew his name, she stated “I don’t know, but he was Fine!”

Fine stated that,

” I have never been to a Cricket Wireless store, I use Verizon.”

The cornerstone of the success of the Syracuse University basketball program is its continuity. Bernie Fine has been an integral part of Orange basketball for the duration of Jim Boeheim’s 31-year tenure. He continues to serve as a stable coaching force with the program.

In 2000, Fine was rewarded for his loyalty with a promotion to associate head coach.

He is known throughout the college basketball world as one of the top assistants in the nation. Entering his 32nd season at his alma mater, Fine has developed a strong reputation for his broad recruiting contacts and his ability to work with Big men.


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