Mutombo: "Houston is better than Congo!"…..and Rockets win 22nd straight

Houston Rockets’ Dikembe Mutombo, of Congo, celebrates the Rockets’ 22nd consecutive win after beating the Los Angeles Lakers in a basketball game Sunday.

Dikembe Mutombo, the NBA basketball player that sounds like Lou Ferrigno with a mouth full of cookies recently stated that “Houston is better than Congo.” I personally have not been to the Sandals Resort in Congo, but did see the movie with the talking gorilla, “Hi, my name is Amy!” That didn’t paint the brightest picture for me planning upcoming worldly jaunts

I figured Houston might be a tid bit better than Congo, and I am glad Dikembe enjoys our Country and maybe we could see him in an upcoming Lee Greenwood video?

Here are a few reasons why Houston might be a little better than Congo…………

On June 5, President Lissouba’s government forces surrounded Sassou’s compound in Brazzaville and Sassou ordered members of his private militia (known as “Cobras”) to resist. Thus began a four-month conflict that destroyed or damaged much of Brazzaville and caused tens of thousands of civilian deaths.

Houston has 10 Hooters Restaurants!

The current administration presides over an uneasy internal peace and faces difficult economic problems of stimulating recovery and reducing poverty, despite record-high oil prices since 2003. Natural gas and diamonds are also recent major Congolese exports, although Congo was excluded from the Kimberley Process in 2004 amid allegations that most of its diamond exports were in fact being smuggled out of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Warren Moon still lives in Houston!

In April 2003 over 2,000 rebel Ninja soldiers had surrendered with their weapons in Congo’s Pool region. this followed a peace agreement reached on 17 March 2003 between the government and Ninja leader, Rev. Frederic Bitsangou (Pastor Ntoumi). The disarmed Ninjas, who had been guaranteed amnesty by the government, were awaiting either integration into the military or assistance in returning to civilian life. Conflict erupted in Pool between government forces and Ninja rebels loyal to Ntoumi in late March 2002. An additional 600 Ninja rebels were reported to have surrendered in May 2003. The Republic of Congo is within reach of a durable peace.

Houston has no ninjas… If they did, Walker Texas Ranger would kick their Ass!

and they don’t have Champ car series girls…I think?


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