Local Man gets patronized for starting NIT Pool at work

Luke Cicora of Dewitt is huge Syracuse Basketball fan and wanted to start an NIT pool at his office downtown. He took the time to print brackets and organize a pool to have his office cohorts join in on the festivities.

Cicora, known to his co-workers as Luke “The Duke” for his infatuation with John Wayne was surprised with the reception he received after starting the Pool. ” I just wanted to start this office pool for the NIT and people went crazy,” Cicora stated. “I just wanted to have some fun, watch SU play and try to make a few bucks.”

Brett Hayes, one of Cicora’s office mates said he was appalled by the offering of an NIT Bracket Pool. “What are we Suny Stonybrook? Why would I want to join an NIT tourney pool, to win a Geo Prizm?” The tension became so great, that Cicora had to move his office to the opposing building because of the frustration caused by the reference.

Cicora(to the right) seen here during happier times prior to his NIT Bracket offering.

Cicora has tried to release an NCAA tournament pool, but his co-workers seemed to startled to even considering exploring that option. “I think they were so offended by this, that even enticing them with an NCAA bracket seemed dull and misinformed to most of the folks that would normally fill the brackets out.

So what’s next for Cicora?

“Well, I am glad I am in the new building. Our administrative assistant is banging hot and I know she just got dumped by her douchey boyfriend, so maybe she is looking for the nice guy fix right about now. I will be fine, and I am actually going to play my NIT bracket online at ESPN. They have like 11 other people that might fill these out.”

BallHype – Local man patronized for starting NIT Pool at work


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