SU men won’t want selection show Sunday, they will watch a video on a VCR

Maybe Johnny Flynn will watch a video starring Lexus?

The Orange’s 82-63 loss Wednesday to Villanova in the opening round of the Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden took care of any hope with the Orange making the NCAA’s. It dropped Syracuse’s overall record to 19-13, probably not good enough for the NCAAs but plenty good enough for the NIT Baby!

“It was a game that we needed,” freshman point guard Jonny Flynn said. “There’s nothing else going through my head other than how did we lose this game badly? It wasn’t even a close game. It’s different if you lose it close, but they really put it to us. I don’t know what we will do, maybe watch a video on someone’s VCR”

Wow, a 2008 Divsion 1 basketball player watching tapes on a VCR, I am down with that! Maybe Johnny and Donte will watch a few videos that I still have on VHS Cassette like, Hot Shots Part Duex, or maybe Top Secret with Val Kilmer(now the voice of kitt in the NBC Knight Rider series.

Wonder if I can post any of my highschool football videos that I sent to various Division 3 schools showing an average white small school running back with limited speed, slow feet and mediocre vision?

UF cheerleader arrested for stalking herself!

From the Gainesville Sun

A University of Florida cheerleader was arrested this week for allegedly filing a false police report claiming she was being stalked.

Lauren Beard enlarge Lauren Beard, 20, was charged with the misdemeanor after reportedly telling University of Florida Police that someone had been sending her e-mails and instant messages claiming to know her routine, to be following her and watching her. UPD Detective Amanda Spurlin said Beard admitted she sent the cyber messages to herself after turning in another e-mail to police.

“This started on Feb. 12 when she told us she had received two messages,” Spurlin said. Investigators said Beard, who lives in an off-campus apartment, brought in a fifth e-mail to police on Monday and was arrested after admitting she had sent them to herself.

“We were able to trace this through an IP address,” Spurlin said. “These were sent from an AOL account. Anybody could have used her computer, but she did tell us that she sent these.”

Beard could not be reached for comment. Her attorney, Nick Zissimopulos, said Beard had been under a great deal of stress and pressure and was taking responsiblity for her actions.

“We feel strongly that this is a counseling issue and not an issue for the criminal justice system,” Zissimopulos told The Sun on Thursday morning. He also said Beard was spending time with her family trying to work through the situation and the underlying problems that may have caused it.

UF cheerleading officials had not returned calls requesting information about Beard’s status with the squad on Thursday.

BallHype – Syracuse men will watch a movie on a VCR instead of the Selection show


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