Amoelizm (defined)-Falling down stairs when you are drunk……I kicks the flavor, like Steven King writes horror

This could be me around 2:00pm today…

Well, it’s time to get my “Irish” on this afternoon at the Saint Pa tricks day parade. I am only 1/2 Irish (the other 1/2 being a Finlander!), but it seems it is in our DNA to get our booze on during this time of year. As I write this drinking a Guinness and listening to PM Dawn (yahoo music, my IPOD is broke) I am thankful for not being a PM Dawn fan, but to celebrate a heritage that enjoys the shenanigans that boozing offers in good taste.

So today I will venture downtown drink a few stouts, Ales, whiskeys and indulge myself in Tom Foolery around town while at the same time watching my friends sort through the mess to find a stumbling firebush that has already fell off the stools a few times.

From they Pale, feisty Gents known as House of Pain!

Peckerwood, peckerwood, tell me your tale
Please do explain why your skin’s so pale
And you’re so funky, now how can that be
Like a bird in a tree on the TLP
It’s the Irish intellect, no one disrespected
My shit’ll get hectic real quick
This is the House Of Pain (pain)
And pain is one thing we’re not
Cause we know we’ve got
Style and fashion, smoke some hash and
I’m smackin’ up girls like cars were crashin’
Danny Boy, Danny Boy, the pipes are callin’

I wonder what John will be doing Monday? Maybe throwing a few down with John Gruden?

Oh yeah, and here is PM Dawn!


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