Last night I went home with a girl that didn’t have a smoot, so I gave her the bobby knight….Bam!….Knight throws chair at co-anchor in ESPN studio

You look sooooo Purdouche in that sweater Bob!

In an apparent disagreement with ESPN College Basketball anchor Reece Davis, Bobby Knight threw a chair across the studio just missing Digger Phelps and hitting Davis in the arm. The incident occurred when Knight disagreed with Davis’s analysis that “The Florida Gators are officially eliminated from the Big Dance after their loss.” Knight then stated,

“Have you ever coached a f&%!i^ Game Reese? Listen to me, shut up! They were not eliminated tonight, and you don’t know a goddamn thing about college basketball!”

Knight then went on to pick his chair up, throw it across the studio missing Phelps and hitting Davis in the arm. He took his microphone off and told show producers that they

“Should get some F%$&in people in there that don’t have perfect haircuts, and have played a game of Fuc&*bn horse before!”

The rest of the show aired without Knight, and ESPN has not commentated on the situation.

BallHype – Boby Knight throws chair at Reece Davis in ESPN Studio


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