You work at Ruby Tuesday, you must sing our happy birthday song to your tables!…….Syracuse Usher gets canned from University Douchebag

From Today’s Post Standard

By John Obrien

He could live with a losing football team, but it was the forced cheerleading that rankled Carrier Dome usher Jack Allen.

He says his bosses ordered him and the 250 other Dome ushers to form a gantlet a couple hours before every home game last season. They had to ap- plaud the Syracuse University football players as they walked across the field to the locker room, Allen said.

Allen complained about it in a letter to the editor of The Post-Standard, published Dec. 17
That day, a supervisor called and told him to stay home from his scheduled shift because the bosses were angry about the letter, he said.

Two weeks later, another boss told Allen – a 78-year-old Korean War veteran who has been a Dome usher for 18 years – that he was suspended in- definitely.

“He read me the riot act,” Allen said. “He said, ‘That was a very negative letter.’ ”

The supervisor told him not to come back to the Dome unless he bought a ticket, Allen said. “Wait a minute,” Allen said he told him. “I thought most universities were open-minded to these 9 things.”

The letter criticized the cheerleading requirement that began last season. Before every home football game, starting around 9:45 a.m., the ushers had to line two sides of a tunnel as the players walked into the Dome and across the field to get dressed for the game, Allen said.

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Okay, I realize you wait tables at Applebees and your table has a 4 year old kid with a birthday, you have to gather your fellow troops and sing the Applebees tribute to the kids birthday. You signed on, and you have to abide, I know!

Here you have a 78 year old devoted Syracuse fan, ex Korean soldier and loyal worker that didn’t want to put on the spandex and greet the Orange 15 minutes before he was scheduled to work. Shame on you Syracuse Univeristy, Shame on you!

And oh yeah,……….


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