Lady in Restroom to John Holmes: "That was a tough one to swallow!"………God I hate losing to Pittsburgh

Saturday’s monumental loss to Pittsurgh was simply MADBALLS! Up by 11, under 4 minutes to play, the Dome was rockin with Dokken! All of a sudden, we forgot how to play basketball. It was like John Naismith was our coach for all three quarters, then Jackie Moon decided to take over.

I was driving back from New York City when I turned on TK99 and heard this……..

Sam Young stole an inbounds pass and passed behind his back to Keith Benjamin for a layup with 8.8 seconds left as Pittsburgh stunned Syracuse 82-77 on Saturday.

And then I saw that we shot over 60% from the field, that was supposed to be our Achilles right? Pitt scored nine straight points to start the mayhem that broke out. Brown drained a 3 from the top of the key, Ramon made a layup after stealing an inbounds pass, and Fields made four free throws in a freaking row to bring the Panthers within a basket with 2:03 left.

This is when I immediately resorted to preacher curls, 3 sets of 10 reps to really get that burn!

In the final minute, Johnny Flynn missed a rushed 3 pointer as the shot clock was about to expire and Brown missed a shot that deflected out of bounds before Young’s steal gave Pitt a 78-77 lead.

Thinking we possibly had a long shot to make the tournament just obviously ended. But, I am not upset at this team. A seven man roatation and a team that scraps and is as old as my Kick Ass Sony stereo in my basement. I hate the word “potential”, but that is what we have folks, so we have to wait til 09 for the big run!


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