I tweaked the Syracuse football schedule a bit…….I think I gave them 10 wins

I don’t see a lot of big wins this season, so I changed the schedule a bit and think I got 10 wins out of it! Go Orange!

Sat., Aug. 30 at Northwestern (JV Squad)
Sat., Sept. 6 Akron Tech
Sat., Sept. 13 Penn State Lycoming Campus
Sat., Sept. 20 Northeastern Community College
Sat., Sept. 27 PITTSBURGH Art Insitute
Sat., Oct. 11 at WEST VIRGINIA Weslyen
Sat., Oct. 18 at USFA-United States Film Association (Flag football)
Sat., Nov. 1 LOUISVILLE Culinary Institute
Sat., Nov. 8 at RUTGERS (Yep that Rutgers, fuck New Jersey)
Sat., Nov. 15 CONNECTICUT from 1995
Sat., Nov. 22 at Notre Dame High School, Elmira NY
Sat., Nov. 29 at Cincinnati Tech

Final record 10-2
Bowl Game-Devry Tech MBA Bowl


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