Irish coffee, Irish cream, Irish man…….Where do they find all those Irish players?

Hello. I’m Irish and a decent D1 basketball player

I often wonder how Notre Dame, being the Irish institution it is, is always able to find the pasty, ginger, freckled basketball player that is able to compete at the top college basketball level, and have the classic Irish last name. This years version is Luke Harangody. 6’8 250 El Bees! This guy is a tank under the basket and moves like a slick swingman.

What if Syracuse recruited to the School’s stereotype, what would it look like? Scrawny, scrappy Jewish kids from downstate popping 5 foot jumpers?

Flight attendant: “Would you like something to read?”

Passenger: “Do you have something light?”

Flight attendant: “How about this short leaflet — Jewish Basketball Sports Legends.”

According to Sonny Hill, an executive adviser with the Philadelphia 76ers. “If you trace basketball back to the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, that’s when the Jewish people were very dominant in the inner city. And they dominated basketball.”

The St. John’s University team was dubbed the Wonder Five, and four Jews started on the 1929 team. After winning college basketball championships and amassing a 70-4 record in three seasons, the team moved intact into the American Basketball League as the New York Jewels.

“Every Jewish boy was playing basketball,” said Harry Litwack, a SPHAs star in the 1930s and coach at Temple University for 21 years. “Every phone pole had a peach basket on it. And every one of those Jewish kids dreamed of playing for the SPHAs.”

Eric Speilberg and Andy Feinstein anyone?


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