BREAKING NEWS…..Local Blogger Russianator admits HDH use

Russianator (seen left) is a popular poster on Three Idiots on Sports

A local blogger has come out of the closet with his admission to using HDH during the 2007 posting season. Russianator of Three Idiots on Sports admitted using the banned substance during a variety of posts during late 2007. In his admission statement, he claimed that he was “not trying to gain any advantage on anyother bloggers, and was trying to heal his hand from Carpal Tunnel.”

The rest of the admission statement……

“I regretfully admit to using HDH during late 2007, and to all my readers, I am truly sorry. I feel that I have let down some of my readers and fans and now wish to move forward and make this a thing of the past. I have been clean during the 2008 posting season and wish to continually post with my brethren and maintain our popular blog site.”

Russianator, seen here at the Rocky Balboa premiere, has felt much criticism after the admission.

Human Growth Hormone is defined as a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that, in children, causes physical growth. In adults as well as children, hGH is essential to maintain healthy body composition and metabolism and superior blogging skills that cannot be matched by non-users (in other words, to improve one’s ratio of fat to lean body mass). …


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