Roses are red, violets are blue, bacardi, jack, jaeger, and Jews. Welcome Alia to Thesporthump

We would like to welcome our newest contributor Alia to Thesporthump. Alia is joining us against her will to give a little insight on the PopCulture on the Cuse Tip. She will also break down girls swimming for us, being that she was a jewish swimmer up on the hill back in the day. And you know we all want more girls swimming updates, right y’all!!!!! (insert joke here)

Some Facts about Alia………….

Danny-Do you even watch sports?
Alia-Nope,but I started watching American Gladiator.

Danny-Who is your favorite Syracuse Athlete
Alia-Donovan Mcnabb
Danny-He plays professionally, who is your favorite current athlete?
Alia-Jim Boeheim
Danny-No, he is a coach!!!??? Forget it!

Danny-Are you mad at me for forcing to write here?
Alia-You won our beer pong game, so I had no choice right?
Danny- This is going to be interesting!


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