Lindsay’s boyfriend gently said "uh-oh…" as he showed her the broken condom………..Cuse busted by the Bulls! Maybe the NIT, next year?

As all of you know, we are mostly a satire-parody, lighter side of sports type of site, and we never take anything we write, say or spew seriously. We usually leave it to the intelligiencia of blogging, ie. Axeman, Three Idiots, CuseAdelphia, Troy Nunes is an absolute magician, Orange44, State of the Orange, Nicks 2 Cents (and many, many others) to break all of this shit down. But, the time has come to get a little serious and bust skulls. We are die hard Syracuse fans here, and though we may pun the Orange often, we always are looking for wins from the home team!

WTF happened tonight!!!!??? South Florida Bulls, are you freaking serious? South Florida is 1-11 in league play, and we got handled by them and turned the ball over way too much. Paul Harris is getting no looks, and Donte Green is extremely erratic at times and looses his confidence with missed shots.

I am just pissed off, and are going to take my Syracuse Nike Dunks off and go punch meat in the basement freezer!


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