BREAKING NEWS! SU quarterback Andrew Robinson checks into World of Warcraft Detox Center

“Sex, football, friends, money and power. All of these things are just distractions trying to pull you away from World of Warcraft,” Andrew Robinson

Syracuse football quarterback ushered those words three days prior to the beginning of spring practice back in 2007. He was entering the year as a starting quaterback for a Division 1 program and was excited about what the futre had to offer. Everything on the outside seemed perfect for the 19 year old Robinson except one thing….. His lingering World of Warcraft addiction. Robinson has recently checked into the WOW Detox Center, which is an online community help desk for gaming addicts.

Robinson stated it started earlier that year after spending sometime at a friends house. “I just played the game with him for 5 minutes and was hooked.” Robinson stated. “When i was 12 years old i started to play videogames and at 16 years old i became addicted to a game called halo over the next few years halo 2 came out and I played an excess of 6-8 hours per day, and 10 on weekends. At 19 years of age I started to play world of warcraft . Everyday I would get out of practice, and hammer down on the Craft. I just started to notice my problem and to help me cope I took up more physical and mentally daunting tasks such as rock climbing, tennis, and squat thrusts. None of this helped me until I went to World of Warcraft Detox.”

Andrew Robinson, aka level 57 Troll Rogue

For those of you who are unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, the game is loosely defined as……..

A game played by millions of people who don’t realize that they have signifigant others who haven’t heard from them in ages. A ridiculous place where nerds of all shapes and sizes come together and drain their lives about 8 hours a day. You will lose your girlfriend, You will lose your friends, You will get constant headaches for staring at a PC screen for 18 hours a day, you will get back pain due to that posture how you sit down while playing. You will start failing your exams, you will gain weight, you will have a face full of acne, you will never have sex, you wont be able to concentrate, you will be willing to pay upwards of $3000 for a 9/9 tier 3 armour set, you will make it your lifes ambition to get full tier 3 and rank 14, basically… you have just wasted your life….!

“Sorry honey, not tonight I Got my Epic Pants in World of Warcraft tonight.”


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