We watched a movie in the basement and drank some of her parent’s alcohol then I Dick vitaled her!….Guess who is back?

Good Ole Dicky Vitale is back to route on the Dukees, and slob on Jay Bilas’s microphone. Well, we are all glad he is ok, but I will have to mute most of my games now while watching college basketball…..Well, maybe only some Duke and ACC games!

Here is a usual conversation I have with a friend watching a Duke-UNC Game while Dickie V is commentating on….

Jim: Did you watch that Duke and North Carolina game?
Danny: Yea Dick Vitale was kissing Greg Paulus’s ass even though he was sucking.
Jim: Well he always does that.
Danny: But Greg bounced a shot of the corner of the backboard though.
Jim: …Oh I thought he only liked things when they are good.

JJ Redick update…….Not going so well huh J-Gay?

J.J.’s pro career is not going too well:

J.J. Redick, sequestered on the Orlando bench for much of the season, has asked his agent, Arn Tellem, to inquire about a trade possibility.

Redick, the Magic’s first-round pick out of Duke in 2006, has played in just 20 games, averaging only 8.3 minutes and 3.7 points. He hasn’t received much playing time because coach Stan Van Gundy believes fellow guards Maurice Evans and Keith Bogans are better at defense and rebounding, elements the Magic needs more than Redick’s shooting proficiency at this point.

Van Gundy has been upfront with Redick, telling him there wasn’t much hope for him getting off the bench the rest of this season. “Right now it would be very hard to fit him in,” Van Gundy said.


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