Melissa threw a spoon at me last night, so I got her back and Hulk Hogan’d her while she was watching TV in bed.


To many the Hulkster was the Real American Hero, but lately his name is being thrown around after his much publicized divorce to his wife Lina Bollea. Lately his name has been thrown around in the Dirty Sanchez world.

A sinister sexual act where a man starts by defecating or crapping in their tighty whiteys and/or wresting tights (if available). The man then proceeds to perform an atomic leg drop, or Hogan leg drop onto the face/neck area of the lady.

If done properly, the person’s face will be spackled with poo and you will be able to get the ‘3 count’

I know, gross right? I am offended because I was a huge wrestling fan when I was a little kid growing up in the 80’s and never thought the Hulksters name would be thrown in the likes of the Cleveland Steamer, One eyed Pirate, and Salty City Stinger realms. Although I don’t follow wrestling anymore (actually since like 6th grade when I started watching G.L.O.W.) I still get the chills of when I hear Real American blarring and all the white trash in the world stand up holding their Utica Club cans in the air, rockin the slamming mullet and saying EFF Yeah, Mo^&%rfu&$er to the hundreds of people that packed the local highschool gym that night!!!!

If you don’t like America, you can get the hell out!


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