"You got a little chubby goin’ there"…Syracuse denies Michigan State transfer due to weight issues

Syracuse University denied the application of Greg Himmons, a junior offensive guard for Michigan State, due to health issues associated with his weight. The Junior guard played in 5 games during the 2007 season before being sidelined by the Spartan training staff. Himmons is 6’4 365 pounds, and has had weight issues throughout his tenure with the Spartans. He was benched for entering a Whataburger eating contest last summer while in training camp and was also suspended for a game for lewd conduct during a recent Spring Break trip in Panama City where he was seen naked passed out in a kiddie pool at a local hotel.

The original fatty himself, Tony Siragusa used to enter chickin wing contests while with the Ravens

“We’re very disappointed in the position we find ourselves in, Gregs’s an outstanding, talented young football player, and if he presents himself in the best physical condition is a chance to play college football for Syracuse, but currently that’s not the case,” Athletic Director Daryl Gross said.

“We’ve been working with Greg for some 15 months, we’ve even assisted him by presenting him with a personal trainer for over a month, over and above the training the squad gets, so significant investment has gone into this student athlete, unfortunately when we take that support away Greg falls into habits that don’t suit a division one football player,” Michigan State Athletic trainer Gary Stoth stated.


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