Wednesday is Hump Day. Let’s hump!

“Man, gimme summa that colt 45!”

If you’re not a dead communist, you might enjoy the Idiots game preview….Three Idiots wearing jean shorts

Got Dick?…..Troy Nunes is an absolute vodka

More reasons to hate all Boston sports teams…Orange44

I didn’t realize Donte Greene was Jewish?….Cuseadelphia

When will women’s college basketball just end for Christ’s sake???…Awful Announcing

I knew it Tom, I just freakin knew it…..!

Here is what I did on my Super “Fat” Tuesday…….

Every Tuesday, my co-workers and myself head out to Best Buy to check out the new releases, go to the market for any necessities, usually pimp juice, and then to Subway for their Tuesday special: a footlong sub for $3.99 before heading back to the office for lunch. That my friends is my Super Tuesday


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