Syracuse men ask Depaul if they wouldn’t mind running just half court

After having is roster reduced to just seven healthy/available scholarship players, Boeheim went on with – three freshmen, two sophomores, a junior college transfer and a walk-on – in the latest 71-64 victory over Providence College this past Sunday at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse (14-7 overall, 4-4 Big East) desperately needed a win this Sunday. A loss would have left the Orange with a 3-5 conference record with six of the last 10 regular season games on the road and Scoop-Gate to deal with.

“We’re as short-handed as you’d ever want to be,” Boeheim said. “We’ve never even been close to this. We’ve never lost more than a player in a year. It really sucks balls actually, excuse the language”

Syracuse doesn’t have 12 players, including walk-ons, on its entire roster for to nights matchup in Chicago versus Depaul. So, what do you do? Jim Boeheim asked the Depaul basketball team if they would like to run just half court for tonight’s game. “I feel that with our limited resources, we should run just half court and keep it simple tonight,” stated Boeheim from telephone in Chicago. “I would even run some three on three and maybe end it with a round of horse if Depaul was up for it.”

The last time a college basketball game was played half court was back in 1923 when Lafayette college beat the Bucknell Bisons 34-33 on Billy Mchilehey’s last minute shot.

Those Bucknell Bisons wound up losing to Princeton in the semifinal round of the collegiate basketball championship. Mchileley (pictures 2nd from right) mastered the half court game with his patented triple threat position which allowed him to dribble, drive or pass. The remaining members of the team (from left to right) are Billy Mcgannagan, Robin Mclaharey, and Scotty Mcirishlad


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