Dude, I could totally be playin’ in the NFL right now if my high school football coach didn’t hate me………Sports journalists ask some dumb shit!

I now understand why Ryan Leaf wanted to Diamond Dallas Page sports reporters!

Let us set the record straight, we are HUGE sports fans here at The Sport Hump….We also realize they are sports, and that little kids play these games and we watch sports for entertainment, that’s it.

How many times have you been watched a pregame interview and saw a reporter ask an athlete, or coach “Do you think you can win the game today,” or “what are your chances for a win?” What the friggin hell does that mean? Seriously, you have a degree from Newhouse asking that dumb shit? Do sports reporters continually ask this benine questions in the fallacey that the athlete will say “No, no I don’t think we can win today, I think we might get blown out. We will probably get our asses whipped by those dudes over there. But we are going out there anyway for the bling and hot ladies we will see at the club later.” Stupid, Stupid shit ass questions every single day, night and morning!

Watch “Around the Horn” sometime on ESPN. What a bunch of nut crunchers arguing about absolutely nothing, and old white dudes, ie. Woody Paige throwing around Pop Culture references.. Oh and Mel Kiper!!!??? If we ever here, “When you talk about blallalblablalblallabla!”

Skip Bayless is without a doubt, the most annoying person in all of national sports broadcasting. Unlike other douches, who just show blatant biases towards a team or person (I’m looking at you Dick Vitale/Doug Douchelieb), Bayless has never met an athlete or team whom he couldn’t tear an ass. ESPN’s newest special should be Skip Bayless taunting lions at the San Diego Zoo, only with Skip handcuffed and and a raw steak strapped to his groin.

Stephen A. Smith, calm down a bit broheim! Seriously, chill, enjoy a muffie from Panera Bread and read a highlight magazine. Mike Greenburg never got laid before his senior year in college, Jim Rome could only play tennis and soccer, Woody Paige is an ugly mofo, Doug Gotlieg stole credit cards, and Dan Patrick lives in a dream world.

Oh, and Chris Berman? He’s Cool!


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