Local Blogger is pissed off

Local Blogger, Dane Turks of Cuseragous.com is pissed off at the folks at Three Idiots on Sports for monopolizing certain stats that don’t allow other bloggers to break down game statistics. Turks alleges that the breakdown of the Syracuse Orange loss to the Georgetown Hoyas gives no chance for other bloggers to break the game down. “WTF?? I mean they must have been up in that game to be able to break that shit down so much. They are freakin good, like that Ferris Bueller dude in Wargames. Who are they MC Hammer? I have never seen a game broke down that bad since the Nova-Cuse game of 05,”

Here is a breakdown of what the three idiots stated……..

* Syracuse took it to Georgetown and beat them up on the boards, out rebounding them by 10. Syracuse was as aggressive and physical as they’ve been all season.

* Jonny Flynn carried the team for large stretches of the game – without his play in the first half, the cuse is down 15 at the break and the game is over.

* Arinze missed those 4 crucial free throws and the put back in OT, but it’s still hard to be critical of him, he played 41 minutes and played well, he controlled the boards pulling down 13 rebounds.

* Kristof! the Belgian Waffle gave them some good minutes in the first half and even scored 4 points.

Turks just wants a chance to give an honest assessment of a Syracuse game, and he didn’t realize so many local bloggers were going Mel Kiper on game stats. “These guys literally hit it and quit it on these game stats. I get done watching the damn game and Troy Nunes or CuseDelphia have got the whole shit broken down already.”

Outside of blogging Turks is a Night Supervisor for the Nice n’ Easy grocer in Tully. He enjoys Hens, horseshoes, woodland creatures, WWE,friday night racing,hunting rabbits,skoal bandit,route 66 clothing,carhart coats,women that know their role and Spike TV.


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